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Nine Knitting Facts About Me

For my first real blog post, I thought it might be fun to tell you some knitting related facts about myself!
1) When did I learnt to knit
I learnt to knit when I was about five or six.  Both my mother and my grandmother were knitters so it was natural I learnt I suppose. My granny made all my grandad's socks by hand, and my mum still knits now.  She knits in the northern "armpit" knitting style which I never mastered.  However I am a "thrower" by preference also. I have tried other knitting styles but I find this is the most efficient and fastest way for me to knit, even though "throwing" seems to be frowned on.
2) My first knitted jumper
My first knitted jumper was a green fuzzy mohair monster knitted in the late 1980s. The wool was a Christmas present.  I think my mother still may have the pattern so if I can find it will post an image. Sadly I no longer have the jumper!
3) When did I start knitting again
I put the needles down for a while in my tw…
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Mini Christmas Knit: Polar Bear

Have you started your Christmas knitting? So far I have made this adorable mini polar bear.  He is a little bit wonky as the pattern was a bit fiddly but he is really cute and adorable.

The pattern is from 21 Christmas Knits by Fiona Goble which is an e-book you can get on Ravelry or Amazon here.
Next up I am planning on making the penguin. If you can recommend any other cute and quick Christmas themed knits, I'd love to hear from you! 
Catherine x 

Finished: Sirdar 9133

Today I've got another finished object to share with  you. I started knitting this jumper back in February 2016, and I must have finished it towards the end of last year.  All I had left to do was the sewing up, and it's taken me this long to get it done! 

The pattern I used is Sirdar 9133, which is plain crew neck pullover pattern. I wanted something simple to show off the lovely colours in this yarn.
The yarn is called Marble DK by James C Brett and I picked this up at the Knitting and Stitching Show back in 2015! Its got a slighlty fuzzy texture and it is nice knit with.  It's a 100 percent acrylic and reasonably priced, about £2.49 a 100g ball I believe. 
Now this knit is finished, I am really pleased with it as it will be a nice warm addition to my wardrobe. The crew neck is perhaps a little higher and snugger than I would like but apart from that  the fit of this garment is pretty good.  I think I might not have picked up the right number of stitches!

I think I'…

Finished: Sirdar 9164 cardigan

I thought I would try to finish of some of my WIPs that I have got lying around in various bags.  I knitted this cardigan last year but I hadn't got round to sewing up yet! Don't you just find that the boring bit!

Sirdar 9164 is a ladies sleeveless cardigan with an option for short sleeves also. It's described as "Easy Knit" and there really is nothing challenging in this pattern, a complete beginner could master this with no trouble. You can download this pattern from Patternfish  which is what I did.

The pattern is designed for Sirdar Click DK, but can be knitted in any Sirdar DK yarn. I chose Sirdar Country Style DK which I am a little disappointed with to be honest. I have used this yarn in the past but Sirdar seem to have changed the composition, and now it is not as soft as it used to be. As you can see I wasn't very original in my colour choice as I went for a cream shade!

When sewing the garment together I took the time to use mattress stitch. If you…

Finished: Baby Tank Top

So my first finished object to share with you is this sweet little baby's tank top. I knitted this as a gift for a work colleague whose wife has recently had a baby. 

The tank top is taken from a collection of Sirdar patterns called Sweet Little Peas, which is a collection of 22 patterns for babies and girls and boys aged up to age 7 years.

The pattern is design F from the booklet, boy's v-neck tank for newborn to 7 years. I knitted age 6-12 months.

There is also a long sleeve version which would be nice for an older boy or girl. 

I used Sirdar Snuggly DK as recommended in the pattern as I have knit with this a lot over the years, and is a good choice for baby garments. It is 100% acrylic so washes well but is very soft to the touch. I used the same colourway as in the booklet - Summer Lime (shade 260). 

It features a simple pattern, which is mainly stocking stitch with a K2, P3 rib on the reverse on the 4th and 6th rows of an eight row repeated pattern. 

Here's a back vi…

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Mini Christmas Knits

Is it too early to mention Christmas? I've just purchased myself a new e-book from Fiona Goble, 21 Little Christmas Knits.

21 Little Christmas Knits is available to download from Amazon and from Ravelry. 
The book include 21 miniature Christmas knitting patterns.  I've had a quick browse already and my favourites include the mini snowman, santa, penguin and polar bear. There is even a teeny weeny brussell sprout! 
I'm really looking forward to making some of these. They are so cute!  I'll be raiding my stash tonight for some oddments of yarn to get started. 
Have you got any other favourite mini Christmas knits? 
Catherine x